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Dear Colleagues,

Gone are the days when a person with HIV had a limited span of life! Thanks to the extensive research in the field of HIV, today’s anti-retrovirals are potent inhibitors of this yet dreaded virus. Moreover with the advent of fixed dose combinations of three drugs, resulting in single tablet regimens (STRs), HIV treatment has been simplified. But the question to be asked today, is everyone who has been diagnosed with HIV, has access to drug treatment and regular viral load checks, especially with the WHO mandated Test & Treat approach? In India today, almost 80-90% of people living with HIV (PLHIV) are being managed, not treated at some 530 ART centres of NACO and the remaining PLHIV access private health care. Do we have authentic data as to how many PLHIV know their HIV status? How many PLHIV - both in the private and public sector with known HIV status are not receiving ART? And as to how many of these PLHIV who are being treated are virally suppressed? We haven’t even thought of looking at if they are happy with their treatment and the quality of healthcare. Retaining PLHIV on ART and the ART officers at the public sector ART centres is extremely crucial for managing HIV in India, as they cater to the majority of PLHIV.


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