Asicon 2017


CATEGORY - A: Main Sponsorship
Platinum Sponsor
Rs 15 Lakhs


Prominent acknowledgement at all forums, Main Hall branding, announcements, Proceeding book inner cover Color ad, 4 premium stalls (9 x 9 feet), 2 scientific sessions, 5 rooms for 3 nights at the venue Hotel and 10 registrations

Diamond Sponsor

Rs 12 Lakhs


Day-branding, 3 premium exhibition stalls (9 x 9 feet), Hall
branding, 1 scientific session, Color Ad in Proceeding book & any one of category - F, 4 rooms for 3 nights at the Venue hotel and
8 registrations

Gold Sponsor

Rs 8 Lakhs or more


2 Premium Stalls, 1 Scientific session, Color Advt in Proceeding book & any one from category - F, 3 rooms for 3 nights at the venue, 5 registrations

Scientific Session

Rs 5 Lakhs or Rs 2.5 Lakhs + sponsoring two Intl. speakers

CATEGORY – B: Branding of halls

Conference Hall

Rs 7 Lakhs

Day Branding

Rs 5 Lakhs

Poster Hall

Rs 5 Lakhs

CATEGORY – C: Conference peripherals

Exclusive printing (Programme  Booklet, Souvenir , Abstract  Book, Scheduler, Receipt  Book, Certificates, Food coupons

Rs 6 Lakhs

Delegate kit/ Audio Visual/ Local Transport Branding

Rs. 3 Lakhs each

Conference Announcement Brochure

Rs  3 Lakhs

Printing of Programme Booklet, Souvenir, Abstract Book, Scheduler booklet, stationary, Certificates

Rs  3 Lakhs

CATEGORY - D : Lunch/ Dinner

Faculty Dinner on 05th Oct

Rs  3 Lakhs

Dinner (Banquet with cultural program) on 06th  & 07th Oct.

Rs 8 Lakhs each

Lunch (per lunch) on 06th,07th & 08th Oct.

Rs 5 Lakhs

CATEGORY - E :  Exhibition Stalls

Deluxe Stall (18 X 18 Feet) - D Type

Rs 5 Lakhs                   

Premium Stall (9X 9 Feet) - P Type

Rs 1.50 Lakh

Standard Stall (9X6 Feet) - S Type

Rs 1 Lakh


Help Counter, Cloak Room, Registration Counter,
Internet Café, Proceedings DVD

Rs   1.50 Lakh each

CATEGORY - G: Signage

Main Gate

Rs 1.5 Lakhs

Hoarding / Standies (as per position)

Rs 30,000 to 50,000

Banner / Standies  (as per designated area)

Rs 20,000 to 25,000

CATEGORY - H: Advertisement

Full Page

 Half Page

Full page, Back Cover

Rs 1.5 Lakhs

Full page, Inside Cover

Rs 1 Lakh

Colour page

Rs 80,000/-

Rs 40,000/-

B / W page

Rs 50,000/-

Rs 25,000/-

Insertion (matter to be provided)

Rs 35,000/-


We have limited space for stalls, so allocation, as per availability

Stalls will be between Conference Hall and Food Court with adequate spacing

Complimentary pre-paid one room at the venue Hotel x 3 nights with 2 full registrations per stall

Additional complimentary registrations proportionate to sponsorship level/amount